Swiss Koo is a handicraft cuckoo clock manufacturer established in Renens near Lausanne on the shores of the Geneva lake in Switzerland. It was founded by two Swiss designers and precision mechanics who share the same passion for Swiss precision and quality. We build cuckoo clocks with profound respect for tradition and quality on one hand, while adding a fresh touch, modernity and humor on the other. All our cuckoo clocks are the result of long hours of dedicated work with no interest in mass production. Each piece is made in-house with particular attention to detail, workmanship and quality of the materials. They are built out of wood and metal, assembled without any glue, like a real chalet !

We believe that a “Swiss Cuckoo Clock ” is not only a clock, but a cultural heritage that can be passed on from generation to generation.

Swiss Koo S.A.
5 Chemin du Closel
CH-1020 Renens

+41 (0)21 636 03 82